The 31 Club is a registered non-profit fund raising organization which was formed in 1962 by a group of women under the chairmanship of Norma Rattray. As the group consisted of 31 volunteers, the Club was named accordingly, and membership remains at a maximum of 31 members, who work on a voluntary basis.

The principal aim of the Club is to raise funds for charities in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The 31 Club is a very successful organization with approximately 98% of funds raised being distributed to carefully selected and monitored charities, which the club has done for over 54 years.

The most important aspect of our charity organisation is that NO CASH is handed to any charities; rather we establish what each charity requires and then purchase/source the items, deliver them and check on the charities on an ongoing basis.

The way we raise funds is to hold various high end functions during the course of the year.  Take a look at our Functions Gallery to see what we did in 2017.  Almost all the catering and décor for all our fund raising functions is done by the members of the Club, with different themes each time.  Great attention is given to detail and presentation, making our functions well worth attending.

With the needs being so great, we encourage Corporate Companies to donate to 31 Club as part of their Social Responsibility.  31 Club is a section 18A-approved organisation and we are therefore able to issue an 18A receipt for any donation received.

It is now easier than ever to make a donation – simply scan the Zapper QR Code below and enter the amount of your donation.  You can let us know what you would like your donation to go towards – e-mail

Our bank details are listed below.

Bank – Nedbank
Branch – Private Wealth Umhlanga
Branch Code – 198765
Account Number – 1301210129

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